How do you reach customers in an online world where it feels like no one is listening?

2 min readJun 27, 2022


“If you go directly to your customers, to your audience, to us, motivation and clarity became essential.” — Studio Neat

In lockdown with a busy mind being trapped inside, all I felt I could do was get online and learn something and consume everything I could about it.
I turned to YouTube.
But I quickly fell into the side of the site filled with so-called Gurus that could make everyone who watched their videos a millionaire overnight.

The hot topic on the end of everyone’s lips
The new gold rush — quick get on board and make thousands a month before the ship sails!

A young naive mind like mine got consumed by the buzzwords and colourful thumbnails and before I knew it I was setting up a Shopify store and giving FakeBook £hundreds for ads that spoke to the abyss of bots on its timeline
If I’m completely honest, I was driven by the idea of what the money these products could do for me, rather than what the product could actually do to help the people buying them.
And that’s where I went wrong.

I chose cheap plastic relationships with my customers over durable long-lasting trusting connections.

The amazing designers over at Studio Neat created an e-book called ‘It Will Be Exhilirating’ that talks to entrepreneurs and product designers about the process and what is more important than profits.

The customers.

This extract from the book changed my whole perspective, it spoke to me to remind my younger self of a better approach when it comes to selling a product or service.

“Don’t make a product because you want to quit your day job (that can be a reason, but not the reason). Don’t make a product because you want to get rich. Make something great because you care deeply about it. Make something because you stay awake at night thinking about it. Make something because you feel invigorated when you work on it, and anxious when you don’t.”

It has helped me realize and focus on my intentions today and how I go about what I produce and put out online.




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