How do you create a strong sense of loyalty with your customers so that people will go through inconvenience to get your product?

2 min readJun 28, 2022


Last night I was sitting watching a film.
And the idea for late-night Maccies comes into my housemate’s head
He orders 2 quarter pounders and someone else gets a burger and fries
Now we patiently wait whilst watching Looper.

Knock knock knock.
Ears prick up. Eyes widen.
Fooood has arrived.

Quietly rummaging through the bag whilst the film plays, the housemate realises he only got 1 quarter pounder.
How could they?

He pauses the movie In disbelief.
“Guys wait I need to call them up I wanna get this reordered”

Calls once.
No answer.
Calls twice.
No answer.
On the fifth call with no answer, he lets out a deep sigh.

“Agh that’s awful service, guess I’ll have to order another one. But that means paying another delivery fee. Oh well I want another one”

The power of Mcdonald’s branding is so strong that someone is willing to pay a premium to get it again and suffer some inconvenience just to get that ‘I’m lovin it’ feeling.

They have been a perennial success for so long that their customers’ loyalty is so deeply wired into them that they can’t help but give them their hard-earned value.

Now the mission begins. How do I create this level of commitment in the brands I build?




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