Does anyone else feel like they’re constantly burning out, trying to do too much with not enough time to do what they enjoy?

Observation from my recent quest.

2 min readOct 24, 2022


I’ve been through a lot recently

But the only thing that has gotten me through it all is my many creative ventures.

In my naivety, I confused these things I enjoyed that kept me present, as something that should be turned into a business and aimed to be profited from.

But oh did I have it wrong.

And all it brought was unnecessary stress on my mental.

As I set more and more self-imposed deadlines and unrealistic goals because of my “idols” achievements I saw online.

The stress built and built.

Trying to do way way way too much.

But for what reason?

The mindset I had built and the people I followed made it seem like it was okay.

Until it wasn't.

I was spiralling and it felt like the to-do lists and ideas were never going to stop.

And before I knew it, I had worked myself into being ill.

Sat in bed only wishing for one thing.

I was still being hard on myself.

But all it took was something I read flicking a switch in my mind.

And making me realise what caused my decline.

“You’re doing too much, you don’t need to do all this, just stop and be”

I was and still am addicted to working.

And it feels weird to say when this western side of the world adores the 30 under 30 list and anyone who is doing an 80-hour work week.

For obvious reasons.

But it's just not healthy.

And my physical self took the tole.

I’ve started to notice what triggers me and am finding the balance between when I should work and when it's time to put down the tools and just play.

It may sound weird to someone who isn’t consumed by their ambition and work.

But these are notes I’ve genuinely had to write for myself to help.

When the work is done, be done.

Go home and enjoy the rest of your day.

It only starts with having compassion for yourself and understanding why it is you feel you need to work so much.

We all just want to make our people proud and do the good work we were put on this earth to do.

Cut yourself some slack, it's okay.

I get it you’re working towards your future.

But when will it stop?

Make something for your soul, not your distant hope.

Find something to do after work that makes you forget the future even exists.




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